A Second Chance for Recurrent Cancer Patients

Hyperthermia Therapy

How Does the BSD-500 Hyperthermia System® Work?

Northeast Radiation Oncology Center is one of only two locations in Pennsylvania where patients can benefit from Hyperthermia Therapy. Hyperthermia Therapy is a treatment used in battling cancer by heating tumors. This therapy in combination with radiation therapy has been evaluated in clinical studies for the treatment of a number of different cancers that are progressive or recurrent despite conventional therapy.

These cancers include breast and chest wall, prostate, melanoma, head/neck, sarcomas and others.

  • Heat (108 F) kills or weakens the cells of the tumor.
  • Heat increases blood flow through the weakened tumor, which can allow therapies to permeate the tumor, not just attack it from the outside.
  • Increased blood flow raises oxygen levels in tumors so the cancer ca n be more effectively treated by radiation therapy.
  • When the body senses fever, it stimulates the natural immune system, attacking the cancerous cells.

This technology presents a brighter future for cancer patients, as it can improve their quality of life, and diminish cancer recurrences. Coupled with radiation therapy, studies show that hyperthermia may double the tumor response rate for some recurrent and progressive tumors, when compared to using radiation therapy alone.